Both primely located and smartly designed, shophouses in Hoi An Town provide convenience and comfort to visitors while offering an attractive business opportunity to investors. We blur the line between traditional heritage and modern luxury, helping our visitors to fully explore the well-preserved beauty of the Ancient Town while staying completely comfortable.


Gift shop

Shopping for small souvenirs has become an integral part of travelling, especially when you travel to a unique place that cannot be found anywhere else. At Hoi An Town gift shop, visitors can find Hoi An’s traditional handicrafts, from the colorful shimmering lanterns, soft silk, to the meticulously embroidered paintings. Each of these little gifts stores inside itself a little soul of this city. Whether you seek some lovely presents for your loved ones or a little something to remind how wonderful your experiences at Hoi An was, our gift shop is the answer to both.



Hoi An wins its visitors’ hearts not only because of its endless blocks of antique yellow houses shinging in the sun and shimmering in the lantern light but also because of its simple yet deliciously excellent dishes. Proudly introducing the rich culinary heritage of Hoi An, our F&B section draws inspiration from the local food culture, featuring typical dishes such “cao lau”, chicken rice, rose cake and Quang noodles. Ensuring hygiene while well preserving traditional style and taste of Hoi An, our food menu promises to bring you an unforgettable journey of sensory pleasure.

In addition to local delicacies, Hoi An Town F&B section enriches visitors’ experience with sophisticated restaurants serving Italian, French, Chinese cuisine and so much more. Everything embraces our visitors’ needs and desires, helping them to indulge themselves in the peaceful vibe of Hoi An.



Our daily lives need so many little but essential items that we might be too excited in a holiday mood to remember them all. No worry! Your holiday in Hoi An Town is completed at ease with our chain of convenience stores – Mini Mart. All things you might need for everyday life from groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, over-the-counter medicines, toiletries, newspapers, and magazines can be found here. The variety of products, quality of service as well as the convenience that Mini Mart brings, will definitely contribute to the wonderful experience that visitors have here.